EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE
EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE
EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE
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  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE
  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE

EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE

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NEU! EZ-FLASH Omega Definitive Edition!


Typ: Handheld-System

Plattform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Grundlegende OMEGA-Funktionen:

GBA-Spiel kopieren und spielen, kein Client erforderlich
Schnelle Patch-Engine, sofortige Spielladegeschwindigkeit, zusätzliche manuelle Patch-Engine zur Unterstützung modifizierter ROMs
Zustände speichern
Hotkey anpassbar
256 MB PSRAM unterstützen alle Spiele, sofortiges Laden
512 MB Norflash, behalten Sie Ihre Lieblingsspiele
GB/GBC/NES-Spiel kopieren und spielen, kompatibel basierend auf Emulator
System-on-Chip-Level-Wiederherstellungsmodus, verhindern, dass das Upgrade tot ist
Unterstützt FAT32/EXFAT, 4 GB-128 GB SD-Karte
Sowohl Firmware als auch Kernel sind aktualisierbar

Funktionen der Definitive Edition:

Verwenden von ferroelektrischem RAM, um sicher zu bleiben, absolut sicher
Dualer Arbeitsmodus
Rumble-Funktion für GBA-Spiel und NDS-Spiel
Unterstützt die GBA-DS-Verbindungsübertragung
Unterstützt den DS-Webbrowser
Unterstützung des DS-RAM-Erweiterungspakets
Knopfbatterie austauschbar
Unterstützt 512 MB GBA-Film-ROM

(Ihre Bestellung enthält die auf den Fotos abgebildete Box und Verpackung)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good product

Im very happy with buying it here, the price is better than other competitors. Also the product arrived in good shape and within the given time span. 10/10 would recommend buying here

Simon Windon
Exactly as expected

Works exactly as described, no issues at all. Documentation could improve, otherwise perfect!

Best ever

Best price I found here

Jonas Freitag

EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition DE

Great item with two flaws

This is very nearly the perfect GBA cartridge if you're looking for a compact way to play and store hundreds of GB/GBC/GBA games (with the option to play a few others consoles like NES for good measure). Well priced, arrived promptly, easy to set up (albeit with online guides), and now I've got it set up, it's stupidly easy to add and remove games. I love the original GBA and this lets me relive my childhood favourites in their optimal form factor, rather than emulating on PC/a Steam Deck/the other Chinese handhelds that are available.

It's biggest drawbacks are simple though: cheats, and the SD card slot. The Game Boy and Game Boy Colour emulators simply don't support cheats, which is a real shame since I was hoping to replay old RPGs like Pokémon at a much more leisurely pace with level cheats, rather than level grinding for days on end. The GBA emulator does support cheats, but the official cheat file is in Chinese, so not only are some cheats a completely mystery because their titles haven't been translated, but I've also found that some cheats simply don't work when you apply them. A fan is translating the cheats into English and verifying their efficacy, but it seems crazy the company haven't provided an English cheats solution for at least the GBA emulator.

The SD card slot on the cartridge is really finicky as well - sometimes it'll take the SD card no problem, and other times you slot it in and it slips over the connector and gets jammed in the plastic cartridge. I thought I'd broken it or the card on two occasions while I was setting the SD card up because of this design issue.

I'd still highly recommend this cartridge, and hold out hope the company will offer English cheats sooner rather than later.